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Emergency Care

Current and New Patients Welcome Here!

Alta Canyon Dental is here for you. Whether you’re already a patient or haven’t seen our doctor before, you’ll get the same access to emergency assistance. If you or a family member are in pain, the last thing you need are delays in care. That’s why we not only extend our services to all, but always attempt to see you the same day whenever possible. We understand that emergency situations can be scary, both because of the circumstances, such as dental trauma, or because you don’t know why you’re suddenly experiencing pain or other symptoms. Count on emergency dentistry in Sandy, UT as part of our comprehensive care.

When you come in for an emergency or any kind of treatment, you’ll be treated by a doctor with broad training in all types of dental care. In addition to having credentials and experience, we operate with the sense of urgency and genuine concern that you need in a dental emergency. And we have the advanced technology  to diagnose and treat you quickly, from imaging equipment that shows us a detailed look into your dental issue to a machine that allows us to fabricate new crowns for you on the spot. These enable us to treat a variety of common conditions.

Emergency Dentistry Conditions That We Treat

When to See a Dentist, and When to Seek Medical Help

If you’ve suffered any of the issues mentioned above or something similar, call our Sandy, UT office at 801-572-4404 without delay. We’ll be responsive to your needs with same-day service, early hours, and Saturday hours.

In some cases, you may not require emergency dentistry, but medical care instead. If you’re bleeding uncontrollably, have a deep wound, have developed swelling or an infection, or are experiencing dizziness or neck pain, contact a medical professional immediately. They’re best able to provide the care you need for those conditions. If the emergency issue is yours, rather than a loved one’s or a friend’s, have someone else drive you to the closest emergency room or call 911 if you’re alone. Don’t drive yourself.

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Alta Dental was able to Replace my Broken Crown the same Day!

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