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A Smile Makeover Lets You Begin Again

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Do you feel that your smile gets you attention for the wrong reasons? Those damaged, discolored, or gapped teeth can be embarrassing. Getting them fixed won’t just benefit your health but also rebuild your self-confidence. Alta Canyon Dental has a solution—in fact, many of them—that can transform your smile’s look and your outlook on it. Our team is driven by a general dentist with training and experience in a broad range of treatments. Through a phased series of cosmetic dentistry services, all provided under one roof, we can transform your smile and your life! See how everything can change for you after a smile makeover in Sandy, UT.

Select Smile Makeover Services

When your teeth are damaged or decayed but the roots are still strong, you may not need an extraction or dental implants. We can often restore the esthetics and strength of your teeth and fill in gaps left by missing teeth with new dental crowns and bridges. Using our in-house CEREC technology, we can design, produce, and place your new restorations during just one appointment. You don’t have to wait longer to look amazing again!

Sinsational Smile teeth whitening can really put some sparkle in your smile. For this professional in-office treatment we place a tray pre-loaded with whitening gel in your mouth. We expose the teeth to light from an LED device for 20 minutes to activate the gel’s whitening properties. For the best results, we recommend that this take place immediately after a teeth cleaning, since your teeth will be plaque-free. At the end of this process your teeth will be noticeably whiter! To keep them that way, use the maintenance whitening pen we’ll give you nightly and come back for other whitening sessions as needed.

Do you have some flaws on your front teeth that you’d like to see disappear? We can conceal them with porcelain veneers. We apply these slender but durable coatings of material onto the front of your flawed “smile zone” teeth. Porcelain provides both the brilliance and strength of real tooth enamel to teeth that have lost their luster. In just two appointments, we can give you a complete smile makeover with custom porcelain veneers!

Fillings shouldn’t just fill an empty space after you’ve had a cavity, they should make your tooth look good and stay strong. Ideally, it should appear as if you never had a cavity. Metal fillings can show through your teeth enamel, making your treatment obvious. Composite fillings, sometimes called “tooth-color fillings” or “white fillings,” are made to correspond to the enamel color. They’re an essential part of smile restoration after tooth decay.

Sometimes decay or damage to a tooth isn’t extensive enough to require a new crown. In these cases, we can often repair the tooth’s function and aesthetics using inlays or onlays. Inlays cover a portion of the chewing surface and the interior of the tooth, while onlays may span from the top of the tooth to an outer surface. As with composite fillings, we can match inlays and onlays to the color of the entire tooth for a seamless, natural look.

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